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Friday, March 29, 2013

14 Months

We've had a roller coaster week. We bid on a house. We got into the final two offers, but lost out to an all cash offer. We'll never be able to compete with that. It's hard to summon the courage to keep trying. This place was a compromise in some ways, being smaller than we'd hoped for, but was ideally located. In fact, it was next door to the school we'd like Athena to go to. That alone was worth a whole lot. But apparently it was worth a lot to someone else who has more money than us, so none of that matters. I hope that somehow in the next four years we'll be able to find a home that is a better fit for us, but I'm losing faith. Prices are rising far faster than we can keep up. Perhaps private school will be in Athena's future after all.

Daylight Savings Time threw Athena for a loop. She spent the following two weeks waking up 2-3 times in the night. Just as we reached the end of our rope, Erik decided to pump her full of as much food as he could between 6 -10 p.m. and then put her to bed later. It worked! And from that night forward, she went back to her usual routine of going to bed between 9 - 10 and waking around 7. One Saturday morning she let us sleep til almost 10. It was magical.

She is such an affectionate little girl. When she sees us, she routine reaches out for a big hug and then plants her mouth on your face and says, "Mwah!" Repeatedly. And then, if the other parent is around, we get a round of pass the baby so that she can do it to each of us in turn. When we leave her at daycare, she blows kisses to us as we leave.

Mommy is definitely the center of the universe. Daddy is good and lovely as long as Mommy isn't present. If I'm there is there, then she'll follow me around, demand to be held, and cry if she doesn't get her way. We're working on boundaries with this.

In the evenings, we've been playing with a ball. First it started with us throwing the ball and her going to fetch it. Now she wants to throw it too. This sometimes works out to bounce it somewhere near one of us. Then we bounce it around and get it back to her. The whole time she giggles madly like this is the best thing she can possibly imagine. It's nice that the world is this simple some days.

Shoes are still the best thing ever. The other night at Cyrus and Athena's place, she picked up a pair of Lorelei's shoes and wanted to put them on over the shoes she was already wearing. Erik helped her into them and she walked around, pleased as could be with her four shoes on.

Robeez plus sandals

Why yes, my feet ARE fabulous!


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