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Monday, April 01, 2013

Baby Loves Samoas

Sunday night, after a lovely dinner of pot roast and asparagus provided by Mrs. Lendvay, we sat around playing the latest expansion to Cards Against Humanity. Our hostess busted out the remainder of a box of Samoas to be consumed by the assembled crowd. One cookie sounded just about perfect. Little miss Athena toddled over and grabbed my cookie. I thought sure she'd be feeding it to me momentarily. That's what she always does. She never actually eats food unless it's a puree or her baby cereal or a Mum Mum. But she licked it. And she liked it. And she ate the whole thing.

Seems good...

What? I steal food now.

Chillin' with my cookie.
Of course, it's important to remember that Girl Scout Samoas are covered in chocolate, caramel, and coconut. This got messy really fast.

Extreme cookie joy!
There comes a moment where you realize that you have the best friends in the world when one grabs the camera while the other grabs the baby wipes.


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