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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Internet Famous

Some days are weird. Some days you get a call from a writer at Men's Health magazine because she saw that you taught a class on iPhone and iPad at Stanford. And well, expert in a topic at a prestigious university is great for articles. So some days you get back to your desk, email your friends, come up with a few good examples of weird, cool ways to use an iPhone, and you send it back to said journalist, with that caveat that your examples seem way more Mom-centric than Manly Men's Health-y. Then the journalist asks you to talk more about life at Stanford and why smartphones are cool, so you write a quick paragraph or two and send it back. And then some days, say about a week later, you find yourself published on the web.

Somehow I suspect this will generate less chatter with my friends than our Halloween photo on BoingBoing. On the other hand, I suspect it may lead to other journalists stumbling across my name and asking me more stuff in the future. Because hey, nominal expert in a topic from a prestigious university is great for articles.


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