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Monday, June 10, 2013

16 1/2 Months

Quick update, because I just can't help myself.

First, Athena seems to have totally grown out of her size 4 shoes. What fit fine just a few short weeks ago are now really tight. Our wee miss is now due for size 5s. The white Robeez she got from Gigi-Karen at Christmas have been nearly worn through, but other shoes will have to be handed down to others. It's amazing how fast she grows, even now when she's still wearing a few dresses that she's been wearing for nearly 9 months now, but the shoes that seemed comically large in February are now too small.

Second, she has now said her first two-word sentence: "Bye bye kitties!" The first time, I told Erik what she said. Then she did it again the next day. Yesterday she said, "Bye bye Dada." to Erik. These are the moments that just melt you into a puddle.


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