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Monday, August 12, 2013

Extra Extra!

I just have to pause and say that that was an awesome weekend.

First, we took Athena to Parents Night Out at Action Day where she sort of almost ate a few bites of pizza, played like a champ, and slept like an angel. Meanwhile, we went to the 12th anniversary Friday Night Waltz, took Richard's history of Blues class and cross-step variations from 2001, and danced til 10:30. Then we rushed out to pick up the girl and slid her into bed.

I was there for the very first Friday Night Waltz back at the old YWCA in Palo Alto. It was delightful then and continues to be an awesome mix of end-of-the-week casual dancing, with great lessons and music that I need in my life. We're going to try to commit to being there for the 2nd Friday of the month from now on. Athena will always have the option of Action Day that night, and for $30 from 6-11 p.m., it's a steal. Plus, her parents REALLY need to dance more for so very many reasons, not the least of which is that's what brought them together in the first place.

The next morning we were up and at it before 8 a.m. as the city-wide garage sale was happening. We shuffled our stuff out onto the drive before the baby woke. She slept til five minutes after nine, which meant she had barely enough time for a bottle and getting into her swimsuit before swim lessons.

After three weeks of swim lessons, I was braced for the screaming and tears, but like a magical switch had flipped, and she was excited about swim lessons. We got in the pool and she almost immediately gave Mr. Phillip a high-five. She only fussed slightly about being on her back for rocket blasters. She actually giggled during motorboat rides. It was magical. Sophie, another tiny swimmer, had the same radical transformation. She was in the pool giggling when we walked up and I thought, "Oh boy, my kid is going to be the only one still crying." Nope, that was Veer, a little Indian boy. Everyone else was totally into it. This was completely awesome.

Then we headed back, hopped into the shower together, and washed off the chlorine. Athena and I spent the rest of the day running around while Erik ran the garage sale. A couple of big items went away and a bunch of small stuff. We acquired a pair of sunglasses for Athena from the next-door neighbors and a nice bathmat from some neighbors down the street. Otherwise, it was all pretty chill, hanging with the neighbors, sharing beer and margaritas and occasionally becoming salesmen.

As we pulled it all back inside, our new bed arrived and was set up for us by the furniture store. We now have a king-sized bed, which is wonderful. We borrowed a set of sheets from Kev and Rachel as ours have not arrived from Cape Cod yet (because Erik's mom sells the most amazing snuggly sheets from the Comphy Sheet company). Hopefully they'll get here soon. We tumbled into bed and slept well.

We got up earlier the next day when Athena woke at 7:30. We played a bit, then got her ready for her playdate with Clementine. Clem's moms took both girls for a couple of hours while we rearranged the living room a bit and unpacked things onto shelves as if we're actually starting to settle in. Yay! I came back a few hours later to find Athena wearing a hat (which she never does for me) because Clementine was wearing a hat. Oy, those two are amazing together.

So then, Athena had a solid 2 hour nap because she'd played with her bestie for a couple of hours and we finished putting up curtain rods and laundry shelves and whatnot. When she woke up, we bundled ourselves off to Target and Bed Bath and Beyond for a bit of shopping, having spotted an unusually nice piece of art there at a terribly reasonable price. BBB not being the kind of place I expect to find good art, I was a little surprised. But it turns out, we really like Brent Lynch's artwork and may soon have it hanging on our living room walls.

Then we caught up to Athena, Cyrus, and Lorelei for dinner at Sweet Tomatoes, and when the girls could not be contained any longer, Cyrus and I took them outside where they ran up and down the sidewalk. Athena vocalizes as she runs these days, with her arms flappping, and it's just about the cutest thing ever. I took to hiding behind a light post, where the girls would come "find" me and tackle me with hugs and giggles.

We all headed back home and jumped in the hot tub where Athena swam back and forth between us, then spent another ten minutes climbing up to the side so that she could slip/slide down and splash in. What a difference a week makes!

We're still moving in and settling and finding our way around the house, but it's starting to feel like home, and we're able to keep chipping away at the tasks to get settled.


  • Sounds like your really enjoying the new home and neighborhood. I really love reading your posts so I can catch up on what Athena is up to these days. Really need some face time. xoxoxox

    By Blogger Karen, at 2:57 AM  

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