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Monday, November 04, 2013


Athena wanted to wear her tutu to school for Halloween. We convinced her to do a twirl for us before school.

We had a great Halloween at Fox Hollow. Karen and Rich returned from Avila Beach just after my dad and Carol arrived from Sacramento. Karen and Rich joined me to pick up Athena at Early Horizons, and I handed them my car to drive her home for a bit. They were going to hang out and see if we got any trick-or-treaters, then come back to see the haunt during full scares time. We did get trick-or-treaters and went through most of a bag of candy. Athena was tucked gently into her own bed at bedtime.

The haunt was a blast. We had an interesting take on things in the Mad Science lab as we had 6 cameras showing us everything that happened. We knew the tentacle was hilarious to watch. We knew that the air cannons were a hit. We knew that they needed to tighten up the timing getting folks in. We had a preview of the really fun groups well before they reached us. Erik found a good place to jump out and I pressed the buttons. We missed pirating it up from time to time, but generally had a lovely time in our new locale.

For the rest of the weekend, we reveled in having some extra adult hands around the house. We lounged in bed in the mornings while Karen (operating on East Coast time + years of conditioning to make breakfast at the inn) got up with Athena. She loved getting time with her when mommy wasn't present and I loved lounging in bed, sleeping in a bit, snuggling my husband, and listening to them play and giggle.

In three days, Erik managed to finish knocking together the office closets, get the boxes in there unpacked, and take the go-backs back to IKEA. We picked out the alternative items at IKEA while Karen and Rich played with Athena in the kids section, her clamboring up the slide multiple times, riding the see saw, and playing with the play kitchen. She also LOVED the mini-Poang in the sofa section, and curled up in it saying, "My chair." It looks just like the two Poangs we have at home, only smaller, so she immediately recognized it. Karen and Rich offered to get it for her, which was awesome. Rich put it together for her while she napped and she woke to find it really was her chair. As we were leaving IKEA, we went for a diaper change in the Family restroom. She saw another little boy washing his hands at the sink for short folks and loved it.
Washing hands at IKEA
Meanwhile, I got a closet organizer thing from Amazon for the laundry room and transformed the room of shame into a functional room with everything put away in under 2 hours. Karen helped me put together the closet thing after unscrewing the old closet rail from the wall. Seriously, just having an extra set of hands turned projects from "impossibly far down the to-do list" to "done!" in 3 days. I caulked the cracks in the side of the house and bought paint to finish the job. I figure I can do that some day next weekend.

And we finally got to see Despicable Me 2 on Saturday night at the Blue Light Cinema. Yay!

Meanwhile, we also got to show Karen and Rich our new house and lifestyle. Friday night we soaked in the tub after Athena went to bed and Sunday morning we got up and took Athena for a tub swim while we sipped mimosas. Then we headed to dim sum before coming back for naptime. 

All in all, having them come visit and taking a couple of days off work was the nicest little mini-vacation I could imagine. I have the best in-laws in the world and I can't wait til they come back again.


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