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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Athena!

Yep, it's true. We made it two whole years!

The phrase of the week is "Oh my goodness!" and "Oh my gosh!" She says both as a general exclamation all the time. It's absurdly adorable. Something falls to the floor? "Oh my goodness!" Something tips over? Oh my goodness!" Wet pants? "Oh my gosh!" Super cute, really.

When I got to daycare today, there was a "Happy Birthday Athena" banner in her classroom. She sat right down with her friends, kissed me goodbye, and dove into her day. I brought cupcakes for everyone, Athena-style: no frosting. Sure, all the other kids will be disappointed, but Athena will love every bite without having to work around the wet or the sticky of frosting.
The cupcake was irresistible the night before.
We're headed to Aqui for dinner with friends after work. This is probably our last low-impact birthday for her, so a reprise of last year's party sounded lovely. Last year this meant her first steps. We'll see if we get anything exciting tonight. She helped me mix up some gingerbread cupcakes for anyone who didn't want Aqui's flourless chocolate cake (Karen! Rachel!). She loves to help cook - counting out ingredients and stirring things. She stands on a chair in the kitchen, it's back turned toward the counter. Life is good.

A quick check in her room this morning put Athena between 33 and 34 inches tall. She's growing like a weed, up four or five inches since 18 months.

She's just started watching a bit of Sesame Street this month. She dearly loves Elmo. On nights where she's running low on steam, we'll sit down for half an episode. Boy has it changed since I was a kid! It's not bad, just so very different. I miss counting to twelve. I miss the Yep Yep aliens. Oh, but one thing has NOT changed: Maria. She's still there, and damn she is looking good for a woman in her 60s! Like WOW! There she is in a square-necked top, and I say, "She's been on this show forever. She's got to be in her 60s." and Erik says, "That doesn't look likely." Sure enough, it's true. Clean living on Sesame Street for the win!

Athena still loves singing songs. There's the Sesame Street alphabet, and Charlie Hope, and lots of good stuff from Pandora's Toddler Radio. She's decided she likes to Move it Move it! One night we were headed to meet up with friends for dinner, so Erik caught this video.

It's been a lovely leisurely month. We spent Christyn's birthday weekend with them at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Athena loved the fish and octopus and such, but really loved the jellyfish. The only challenge was that she didn't like being in the dark even if the exhibits were lighted.
Watching fishies with Daddy
We made it out to Friday Night Waltz once this month for Richard's night of Ginger and Fred lessons and movie theme music. It was a blast. We learned a nice foxtrot combination and got to dance to some favorite music with a whole lot of our friends. It was the busiest I'd seen FNW in a while. 
Silly tango is always fun.
I started a diet when I got back to work. It's working... slowly. Three pounds down with three weeks effort. I'm hitting the gym at least 3 days a week, which would be deadly dull, save for the use of an iPad to watch an episode from something I'm years behind on. First up: Warehouse 13, season 4. It's good goofy fun, and lasts 42 minutes long, which makes for a nice stretch on the elliptical. Getting to catch up on tv is an absolutely fabulous incentive for exercise! So, I figure I'll be working on that for the next six months or so. Maybe if I'm very very lucky (and diligent!) I'll get to my goal weight before my 40th birthday. I reckon by then, I'll at least be fitting back into a lot of my favorite clothes, and that seems an awfully worthy goal before that little milestone.

Clementine's family is moving to a nice duplex this weekend, so we took Clem Saturday morning so that they could pack, then dropped both girls off for Parents Night Out at school in the afternoon. Remembering the experience of toddler vs. packing, we were really happy to help. We spent the morning up at the park with a lot of time on the swings, then watching the swim meet for a bit and finally ended up reading a few books at the library before heading home for lunch. Athena's new favorite food is fish sticks, so we made up a batch. Clementine was dubious, but Athena will eat 4-6 at a sitting. 

We had a ladies clothing swap on Sunday and I'm wearing a lovely new-to-me purple dress today that fits perfectly. I took the leftovers to Savers, and then headed inside to use my 20% coupon. I found Athena a perfect purple Columbia jacket. She LOVES it. Her favorite things right now is anything purple. This means keeping track of our purple plate, purple bowl, and purple cup is a critical daily task. Food simply cannot be served on the orange plate! The only thing better than a purple outfit is one with pockets. A pair of pockets on the front of something makes it the best thing ever. 

Last Thursday, Wendy was in town for a business conference. We got to have dinner with her, which was a treat. Unfortunately, it was the third time in the last 2 weeks that Athena has gone all day without a nap. We're so not ready for that! And she really isn't either. She transforms from a happy, gregarious toddler to a super-crankypants. Oy. She did it again on Saturday, so we shuttled her off to PNO early and let Clementine have a nice nap. Then we shuttled Clementine over and went to Susanne's Twelfth Night reading at CKP's house. I drew Sir Toby Belch from the hat and had a lovely time being a drunken fool all night. We picked up Athena at 9, and she was still up. So, predictably, she crashed out hard and slept til 9:30 in the morning. She's taking after my sleep patterns for sure - unable or unwilling to sleep with there's something interesting going on, and sleeping late to make up for it. I can live with that. I know a lot of other parents who really wish that was an option. 

Erik's mom bought plane tickets to come back in a month. Can't wait! Athena loves calling Grandpa and Meme on Skype. She will cheerfully play in front of them for at least a half hour, feeding Meme tea through the screen and offering her food and showing her how well she rides her rocking horse. Hopefully it will be pouring down rain when she arrives so that Athena can show off her ladybug rain coat, boots, and umbrella!


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