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Saturday, March 01, 2014

25 Months

The monthly post continues! Yeah, no one talks about their kid in months after two years. You say, "She's two." and they all nod with sympathy and comprehension. And whoa Nellie is she two! Her independent streak grew 3 sizes on her birthday and she's had totally 2 year old melt downs about some very little things. Erik put her boot on. She wanted to do it. She bursts into tears, rips it off, and puts in back on. She is struggling to get out of her jacket, so I hold the sleeve and it slides off. She bursts into tears, throws the coat on the ground, and then puts it on and proceeds to take it off again. "I do it!" is her constant refrain. On the plus side, you can totally reason with her and make deals. Today I offered that she could have more milk if she ate some fruit first. One pouch of fruit and she was back to asking for milk. We often get her to do things like get in the car by making promises about where we're going. Very often, things like, "Let's go see Connor." or "We're going to Lorelei's house." mean the difference between a huge battle and an, "Oh okay" as she settles into her car seat.

Also, they posted great pics of her birthday in the Ladybug room at school.

Thumbs up!

So excited!!!

Make a wish!

She transitioned to Dolphin Room at daycare the Monday after her birthday and has been thriving there. There are so many more kids in her class, but they still keep to a 1:8 or 1:9 ratio. 1:12 is mandated by the state at that age, so this is way way under the limits, but I absolutely cannot imagine one adult wrangling 12 two-year-olds. It's a recipe for chaos. So we're happy they're on their own limits and she's loving it. There's a bigger outdoor play space and plenty to climb on. Every day we arrive and Clementine stops whatever she's doing, runs over, and the girls hug each other. I'm so very glad they found each other. It makes every day better. She also loves the garbage truck that pulls up at the park twice a week. Big trucks pull up and all the kids run over and press themselves against the fence to get a good look. Athena exclaims, "Big truck!" whenever we pass one on the road too.

We had an unexpected, but fabulous Super Bowl party. Rachel got sick, so the party had to move and we were good candidates to host. I never pictured myself as a Super Bowl party host, but it worked out great! There was bean dip and hot wings, thus making it official as far as I can tell. We laughed at the good commercials, groaned at the fumbles, and generally had a perfectly lovely time. Athena went down for a nap just as the party started and let me spend the next 3 hours as hostess instead of mommy.

I started a diet in January and I've been hitting the gym most days at work. I'm down about 8 pounds since I started, bringing me just under the mark for "obese" according to the BMI chart. So far, not much difference in how I look, but even making that minor, mostly meaningless milestone sure feels better. My jeans are looser so that's good. I'm taking a mini-break this weekend from the diet while Karen and Rich are visiting, but plan to dive back in next week. Honestly, after 2 months of being good, a little break is a good thing.

But yes, Karen and Rich are here from Massachusetts. Yay! I slept in this morning, lounged, and slowly rose from bed. Once dressed and ready to face the day, I headed down the hall and saw Athena and Karen playing in her room.

Athena pulled out a stuffed toy and said, "It's sticky." meaning it had a tag/sticker on it still. I offered to help and she handed it to me. When I went to remove the tag, she said, "No no, Meme do it." Erik has lost patience with how many times Mommy has to do it, so I texted him almost immediately to tell him it was my turn. Meme rates higher than Mommy this morning.

We headed to the Children's Discovery Museum this morning. I took Athena about a year ago and she was really just a tad two young for it then. Now she had a blast in the water play space and in the under 4's room.
Pouring sand.
My mom came down last weekend and we had a lovely leisurely afternoon while Athena had a very long nap, then went out to Aqui for dinner where Athena tore into Daddy's dinner and ate a whole piece of chicken. Athena is still picky, but when things look like food she wants, she's on it these days. We came home  and showed my mom how different Sesame Street is these days - muuuuch longer segments, very different characters, and Mr. Noodle is just weird. Then we played til far too late. The next day, we went over to Fred and Malaya's house for waffles and fun and came home in time for another big nap. My mom headed home to get ready for the week, but when Athena got up, her first question was, "Where's Grandma?" She's lucky to have four active, loving grandparents in her life, plus two great-grandparents! My grandmother made a box of ginger snaps that she sent down with my mom. I treated myself to a few, but Athena thought they were great. She and Erik polished them off on Friday night.

Mmm... gingersnap.

Thank you Grandma!
Over President's Day weekend, we went to DunDraCon. This year we had adjoining rooms with Wendy and Jeff and hired Sarah to babysit for the games on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Unfortunately, the shuffler didn't put Erik and I into a game together, but we both got to play both sessions, which was great. My Sunday game ended before his, meaning I came back to the room and stole away with Athena to the pool. She swam about a hundred laps in their glorious, very heated pool, holding onto a pink pool noodle shared by the other kids in the pool (Thanks Savannah!). DDC is awesome because the San Ramon Marriott is a great hotel with fabulous staff and it's walking distance from Target, Whole Foods, Pasta Pomodoro, Baja Fresh and more, meaning you're never forced to eat overpriced, mediocre hotel food. Instead, the hotel food is reasonably priced ($4 for a tasty breakfast burrito, $2 for a cup of coffee with free refills) and the staff really seem to look forward to the con every year. The local Peet's was offering a D20 if you were wearing your con badge. Roll a 14 or better for a buck off your drink, or a free drink if you roll a 20. Seriously, it makes it all just magical.
Plus, where else will mother/daughter Federation uniforms get such high praise?
We headed to the Schluntz's place for our usual post-con-bacon-fest. It was also wonderful, and I ducked out to get a haircut for an hour and came back to find Athena happily playing with dice while Sean and Erik took Logan through his first game of Settlers of Cataan. 


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