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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Science News!

Okay, it's been forever, I know, but in a day where IFLS is competently aggregating science, I usually don't feel compelled to do this anymore.

But even before reading Gulp, the news on the influence of your intestinal biome on your health had been creeping in and being fascinating. It's about the only successful treatment for some chronic infections like C.diff and for other inflammatory diseases like Crohn's. The FDA is getting on board, and the research that keeps coming back is impressive.

Now there's evidence that your microbiome may be what makes you fat, in multiple ways. First, by having a microbiome that more efficiently breaks down food, giving you more calories, and also potentially by actually controlling signals to your brain, making you want to eat more or eat more of what that breed of bacteria likes to eat. Now that sounds insane until you remember that these bacteria outnumber human cells in our bodies on an order of 100 to 1 and you also remember the effects of Toxoplasma Gondii infection on mice.

This week's news pushed me over the tipping point: your microbiome is also what protects you from peanut allergies.

The net result of all of this new info is that more than anything, I'd still love to have a fecal transplant from someone like Nicole Sivell or my mother-in-law who don't gain weight regardless of what they eat or drink. As I fight the battle of the bulge again, cutting calories to the bare minimum and still barely creeping lower, I sure wish my body would be a partner rather than an enemy in this fight.


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