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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Being 3

Athena has graduated to the Dandi room at school (short for Dandelion) and she LOVES it. She immediately took to it like it was made for her. They have capes! Every morning for the first two weeks, she was happy to let me leave so long as she got one of the long purple capes. (Since there weren't always enough, I actually ordered a few spares on Etsy.)She's learning like a sponge too and has transitioned from counting til she gets bored (which could be many more or less than the objects she was "counting") to counting the actual number of items. She's also really recognizing individual numbers and letters now, not with 100% consistency, but it's getting there. And she's fascinated by it. She has certain knowledge that it means something. I get a lot of "tell me what that says" nowadays. They practice tracing letters and do a lot of painting and a lot of running around like crazy at school.

Cutting with scissors

Painting watercolors

Tracing her numbers in paint

Cupcakes for Libby's birthday!
Coloring with markers

Circle time with Miss Kym

Lately, after school she has just wanted more running. Last night, DST had won so I grabbed burritos on the way home. I pulled in and saw Erik and Athena weren't there so I checked Find My Friends and saw they were at the park. I texted and said I'd walk down. I grabbed some water and headed over. Erik was having races to the light post and back as it got darker in the first day after the transition. We sat on the bench, offering Athena burrito, but she wasn't convinced even if it did have meat like carnivores eat. I got to eat most of a half of a burrito, and was then talked into more racing and slides and climbing. Athena will hang from the bars and say, "Look what my body can do!" No clue where she picked up that phrasing, but it's cute. She also says it when she bends over.

Most nights we're treated to a twirling show before getting into jammies. There's the twirl, followed by kneeling on one knee, followed by a big bow with one arm forward. This, like so many things, has become completely ritualized. Take for example her Magic Timer we use to encourage brushing teeth. At the finish of each session, we have to go to the Frozen book, look at the picture of Anna, Sven, Kristoff, and Olaf and I say, "That's my favorite." Then she goes to the girls rolling a ball of snow and I say, "Do you wanna build a snowman?" Then she opens the picture of Elsa and Anna in front of the ice castle and says, "Let's go back to their home." And then she exits out of the book, out to the main screen and turns off my phone. If I interrupt or deviate, it will likely end in tears. Rituals are everything right now.

We went to Lorelei's birthday party at Pump It Up a week ago, and getting jostled around by the other kids was still a little much for her, but she enjoyed some of the slightly less rambunctious activities.
Driving around saying, "Hi Mommy!"

All the kids

Picking out a party favor 

The slide was really fast and a little too scary
Last weekend we headed to Libby's birthday party. I see a lot of kids parties in our future.


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