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Friday, April 08, 2016

50 months and counting

The end of March was utter madness in our household. It was:

  • finals for Erik's classes. 
  • end of quarter at Tesla and I got sucked into Model X documentation in the war room at the Factory with much of my day's work being projected on a wall as I did it. No pressure!
  • putting our old house in San Jose on the market and selling it.
  • running our neighborhood Easter Egg hunt for the first time.
  • launching Model 3. 

So, we've um, lost cohesion. We're okay. Now. Thanks. But if we seemed to fall of the edge of the planet briefly, it's because we kind of did. There was too much. Let's sum up.

The house is sold. We had multiple offers. It went to someone who really deserved to win. We're closing escrow before the end of this month.

Athena has been so completely adorable that Erik spend a lot of time staring at each other silently mouthing, "Oh my god can she be any more adorable? Seriously?"

Easter went well. It started with an Easter basket from the Foxes. Athena took us on a merry chase through the house following the fallen eggs.

Then came the local neighborhood tradition. 15 kids across a dozen or so houses, going from house to house to hunt eggs and ending in one neighbor's back yard for mimosas and snacks. We're not quite sure how we landed in such an awesome little neighborhood, but we did. The Bakers started the tradition ten years ago, but their kids are grown, so we're taking over. I learned how to do layers on a Google Map to make a map of participating houses in the neighborhood. It was a cool trick, and one I'll use in my Google class in May.

All the egg hunters
The older kids helped direct traffic
Afters at the Whites
Since Athena Lendvay's dad was in town, she hosted Easter dinner. We ate too much, then headed out to Lorelei's school to walk it off. Athena will follow Lorelei anywhere. 

Happy together
We've had two rounds of Erik's all-day Runequest game. One was on a Saturday, so Rob, T, and Danielle all came by at the end for a little unwinding. Athena sees these folks maybe six times a year, but in moments, she was showing off her trucks, climbing into Rob's lap to explain to him about the Octonauts, and goofing around with T. It's nice that she trusts our friends so deeply.
Give me your arm.
You're required to cuddle me. 
Here T, let me tell you about Captain Barnacles
The second Runequest day, Athena and I headed out to Happy Hollow and Jeff and Connor joined us there.
Sea horse sillies
Thanks for the bell Ethan!
Sharing a ladybug
Sophie was in a mood
I have touched a Model 3. It was one of the ones on stage. It was a real car. It was a very pretty little baby. And it was comfy in both the back seats and the driver's seat. I am so on the list.

Anna organized a dance rehearsal/performance group with babysitting because she wanted to dance more and because too many of us weren't doing that because of kids. So, we're learning a crazy swing/Bollywood fusion dance choreography on Saturday mornings. That should be wrapping up at the end of April. I feel hopelessly out of step and incompetent, but at least I'm moving. We'll post the video when it's all done. In our fantasy world we're this cool:

And now, your Moment of Zen:


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