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Monday, May 23, 2016

New Plan Report 2

I'm down six and a half pounds now and feeling fantastic. Better than I've felt in years. My brain feels less foggy. I'm less tired. That's huge. Also dresses that were feeling tight are feeling more comfortable. All good things.

Cooking is easy. Super easy. And yummy. Eating out is a little challenging, but all the attention to gluten-free means those items are often an easy spot to start on the menu. Here's last night's dinner:
Chicken, romaine, avocado, onions, cheese and chipotle ranch dressing
The thing that annoys me about food tracking is that there's so much guessing.  Is this an ounce? Or two? That salad dressing I dripped on - was that one or two tablespoons. Was that a 1/4 cup of milk in that splash I poured in my coffee at work? I have no idea. It's not like I've got measuring cups and spoons everywhere I go (and I'm not going to start carrying them. NFW.). So it's all best guess. Was the hummus I ate the kind that's 370 calories for a half cup or the kind that's 200 calories? I got it at a restaurant so there's not way to know. And then there's the process. Logging a salad typically involves 9 line items. My morning coffee involves four line items. It's a time sink, so I don't expect that to be part of my life long term. It's not sustainable.

And again, the margin of error on weight gain to gain one pound per year is 10-20 calories a day. So knowing exactly matters at some level, but trying to know is an exercise in embracing madness. It's a great tool to get started on a new way of eating. It's great to see what reasonable meals look like. It's great to review what you've done over a period of time. It's great to do here and there for stretches. But daily? Forever? Yeah, no.


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