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Monday, June 13, 2016

New Plan Report 3

So Erik said, "I haven't heard anything... is this... going okay?"

Yes, yes, it is. Down 8 1/2 pounds, feeling great, and most days couldn't care less than I'm not eating some old favorites. The payoff is well worth it. Clothes are fitting more comfortably. My gut is way less grouchy and I feel far less muzzy headed. I'm less tired all the time. I'm looking forward to moving forward.

There was this one day last week when the catering at work had hand-made soft pretzels to go with the German luncheon (schnitzel, bratwurst, saurkraut). That was hard to pass up when I was hungry. I talked myself down by saying, "Okay, eat your salad and cheese first and if you still really want one that bad, you can have it." I finished my salad and I was stuffed actually. I put back half my cheese in the fridge. No pretzel. No room. So yeah, that worked great. But man were they pretty pretty pretzels.

But changing a digit in the second column and keeping it off for more than a week feels great. Haven't seen those two initial digits in a while. Now to just keep going til it drops a couple of more from that column. Once that happens, then I can spoil myself with one soft pretzel if I want to. Current goal is to drop another 30 pounds or so total. We'll see how it goes.

This weekend was pretty far off the reservation in terms of calories on Sunday. There was fondue. It was super yummy. But stuck to the veggies instead of the bread and it was all good. Today I was so not even hungry at lunch after my workout. Turns out I can dead lift 95 pounds five times in a row. That's interesting. I can also bench press 7 1/2 pounds more than I could a month ago, so that's good.


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