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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Gah! Windows! Argh!

When I booted my computer this morning, it said that I needed to restart for some updates to take effect. Not now, I'm trying to read my morning mail. I click Restart Later. Then ten minutes later it says the same thing. I'm still reading my mail - Restart Later. Then ten minutes later it does the same thing. Now I'm trying to finish a document for a meeting in 15 minutes - Restart Later. Meeting is postponed, so I try to finish assessing a web tutorial for ease of conversion from non-medical to medical. Again, it pops up. I'm in the middle of something here - Restart Later!!! Argh.

Why is Windows so f@#%ing pushy? When I say do it later, I mean do it when I'm ready to do it. Meanwhile it's pestering me like a 2 year old who wants a cupcake. Oh yes, please let me rearrange the way I'm working because your little operating system that's supposed to behave quietly in the background wants to do it's little thing right now and needs to interrupt absolutely everything else to do it. Sure, that's just great.


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