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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Lovely Weekend

How many lovely weekends can one girl have? Lots, apparently.

This weekend was our last pre-rehearsal for Fezziwig's. There's so much to tell the new folks and it's hard to find ways to do it that are appropriately cautionary without sounding like this won't be a lot of fun. Hopefully we're striking a balance. As mistress of games, I managed to get everyone participating in Stagecoach at once either as a story teller or a pantomime actor with 3 groups running simultaneously. Mwa-ha-ha, I say.

After that, I ended up helping Alex & Sherman prep for their housewarming party the next day because Alex was a stress monkey and I knew she couldn't possibly work on it Sunday morning. With secret knowledge held close to heart, I made beds, cleaned bathroom, and otherwise tidied up.

Then it was off to Gaskells. Since it was Halloween time, I opted for the tux option since cross-dressing is best done when folks are in all manner of silly costume. Costumes were lovely and the dancing was great. At the end, I snuck away to Casa de Fezziwig to open up and set up for the afters party. Fruit and cold cuts and pork buns and chips and dip were laid out and champagne was opened. After an hour, I was so grateful to be sleeping in Alameda, toddling the 2 blocks back to Sherman & Alex's place.

In the morning, we couldn't possibly make dirty dishes before the party. We really needed espresso drinks, especially the Mexican Mocha from Julie's. And didn't quiche sound just perfect for breakfast? Oh yes, plots were afoot, but luckily Alex was too focused on the housewarming party to notice that we were acting a little odd.

We arrived at Julie's and Sherman suggested, "Why don't you go see if there's any room in the back." Right chief! We snuck out to find about 20 people hiding in the garden (and one neighborhood cat who was just soaking up all the attention). Molly, Erik, and I joined in the hiding and shushing. Alex & Sherman came out and puzzlement ran across Alex's face. By the time she looked back to Sherman, he was down on one knee, having produced his grandmother's ring. Important questions were asked and answered and cheers all around. We celebrated with quiche, tartine, scones, coffee, tea, and tarts. It was just beautiful and perfect. All of Alex's anxiety about the party later just sort of left and was replaced with sublime happiness.

But then we got back to the house where Sherman's dad was cutting a hole in the wall in the attic. There was a little fretting because there were 50 people coming and there was a lot of cleaning to make things presentable and suddenly there was sawing and noise and dust. Luckily, this turned out to be a major source of entertainment for the party because he cut several holes and revealed a full bathroom, complete with working shower! Go figure.

At breakfast, Joshua asked if I still had my projector. Indeed, I do, and sure, I could run home and grab it before the movie tonight. So I ran home from Alameda, snuggled the kitties, scooped the kitty litter, and packed up the projector to return to Hayward to watch Mrs. Amworth. Holy Canoli that was a bad movie, but it was made very enjoyable by sharing it with a dozen snarky friends and the behind-the-scenes musings of the star.

Home too late and had to teach at 9am the next morning. Kitten climbed into the shower saying, "Snuggle me! Snuggle me now!" So I did, and tumbled into bed with Pixel at my feet and Leeloo massaging my neck.


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