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Monday, October 20, 2008

Lovely Weekend

For their anniversary, Emily and David invited a few of us to join them in Cambria for the weekend and tour Hearst Castle. Allow me to just thank them both now, because this was the loveliest, most relaxing weekend I've had in ages.

Lounging around the Pickford House in bathrobes over breakfast, the gents got a sense of what it's like when just us ladies get together. We giggle a lot. And when we're done giggling, we giggle some more. And we had to make a rule about no snarking before 10am. Invariably, someone would say something really snarky, and we'd all look at the clock and it'd be 10 after, and we'd cheer (and giggle).

But the highlight of the trip was dressing to the nines for an evening tour of Hearst Castle. We donned our best 20's/30's outfits, including three gents in tuxedos, and headed out. Our merry band of visitors blended beautifully with the costumed reenactors volunteering there. We arrived just in time for sunset over Neptune's pool. It was gorgeous.

After the tour, we retired to the Ragged Point Inn for supper. I warmly recommend the place. The stuffed chicken and the rib eye were both totally amazing, and my chocolate mousse dessert was so fabulous, I nearly ate the whole thing, though I really should not have done anything of the sort.

On the way home, we stopped in to see Bear's new place. Apparently the former owner really wanted to live on Tom Sawyer's Island, so Bear has become the proud owner of a fantasy world with 13 pumps driving a set of waterfalls, slides, a set of caves, and a a rock-like facade that masquerades as a pool. Amazing stuff.

Home again, home again to watch Twin Peaks and decide that pie was absolutely required. Luckily, pie crust is easy with a Kitchenaid mixer, so in 20 minutes or so, I had a blueberry/raspberry/blackberry pie in the oven. Two hours later I was scooping it onto plates with my new Pushing Daisies pie server. Yay!


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  • Sounds like a lovely weekend,:)

    Cynthia had her birthday dinner at Zen, an Asian fusion restaurant in Alameda. It was very good, I recommend it.

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