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Thursday, July 02, 2015


There has been a ton of chase lately.

First, there's the episode of Dinosaur Train where Alvin the Allosaurus and Morris the Stegosaurus can't get to their food because they can't pass each other with civility. Buddy and Tiny coach them into doing it with nobody getting bit and nobody getting a Stegosaurus tail to the leg. Alvin wants the meat. Morris wants the plants. For whatever reason, this really clicked with Athena. We talked about how different things are made of meat, and how plants can't move on their own, unlike animals made of meat. She got to the conclusion that Mommy and Daddy and Athena are all made of meat. So then we somehow leapt to chasing each other around to nom the meat. With a wild eyed look, she'll say, "You're made of meat!" and the chase is on, laps around the kitchen island, until someone gets caught or cornered and is nommed. I can't get video of it because most of the time one parent is helping Athena catch the other parent as meat. That's how we roll in my family apparently.

On Tuesday night, Erik went to Lowe's and Athena asked for a flag. He got her a flag and she loves it. We decided to try the Tuesday night Kids Make Their Own Pizza thing at Pizza My Heart. This was a huge win, especially with the big patio outside. She made her pizza, waited for it to be cooked, and ate dinner. A lot of dinner. Since that's a battle we still fight most days, this was awesome. She even accidentally consumed a piece of ham and didn't spit it out. Win! After dinner, she and Daddy chased after each other to get the flag. Then I chased her. Then they chased more. Thank goodness there's two of us and only one of her.

She loves her "fast shoes." The girl has no shortage of shoes, but they're being rated in terms of which ones are easiest to run in. Sparkly gold shoes are awesome for some days. Dancing shoes are fine sometimes. But most days, fast shoes win. As these are also her most durable shoes, we're okay with that. She's gonna run the soles right off them before the outgrows them.


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