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Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Six years ago, Rick and I went on a date through a cornfield maze. You know - a maize maze.

Last Sunday we renewed our annual tradition and went tromping through a cornfield maze again. We tried to go on Friday night, but little did I know how popular it was! So we figured we'd go either after the wedding on Saturday, or on Sunday. Well, after the wedding it was raining. Sunday, the sky was dry, but the maze was muddy. We went prepared with spare shoes and plastic bags to capture the muddy ones. The maze was easy at first, but got complicated toward the end. Good fun.

So, yeah, Rick and I. Six years. Wog. That's as long as his marriage. And far longer than almost anyone predicted for us. After tromping through the maze, we went to the mall for shoe shopping, dinner, and an unexpected washer/dryer purchase. Buying the washer and dryer, I thought out loud, "Well, this isn't like it was six years ago." Time passes, but we're still a pretty good match.

Happy anniversary Mr. Honeybear!


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