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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Okay, apparently in addition to the nuisance of not having a toilet, my building has one other issue I was unaware of: no U.S. mail service.

Of course, I find this out today because Christopher walks by and says "If you want that letter to go out, you'll have to take it to the mailbox." I look puzzled. I put a piece of mail out there back in mid-October for something with a November 1st deadline. It couldn't possibly still be there right? Oh yes, it is. Now it's overdue, and still sitting cheerfully in the container marked "US MAIL" next to the "ID MAIL" box.

As I was walking back to my desk with my now dusty mailing in hand to rip open, add in a late fee, and re-mail, Tom pointed out that I had a hole in my stocking. A chair grabbed me earlier and I thought I'd gotten off easy. Ha! Not having an especially good day I guess.


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