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Monday, November 13, 2006


And with an amazing sigh of relief, I can report Rick got a job on Friday. He starts working for Taos Mountain on Wednesday. He went to orientation today. So far, they think he's the coolest guy ever. He wasn't actually told to go to orientation today, but had sussed out the situation and thought it might be a good idea to go this week so he'd be free and available to the client next week. So he got dressed up in his suit slacks and tie, and showed up in time, and sometime after he got there, there was a call from his account manager asking about any chance of his getting there for orientation, and the recruiter saying, "Uh, yah, he's already here. He's on top of it." Let's just say he keeps making really good impressions like that with these folks. Things came together on Friday because he had another interview at Stanford, and they wanted to keep him from going to it.

So finances will continue to be tight for a few months while we dig out of this little hole, but it will get better soon. Very very soon.


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