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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


So I decided that coming to work as Columbia would likely be a career-limiting move. Instead, I opted for a tasteful French maid outfit. My coworkers didn't know what to make of me. One of the guys on my team (whom I identified in the first week or so as "one-of-us") made me pose for a photo at the end of the day with the copier. He then turned it into a motivational poster.
campus readiness
I did attend the Rocky Horror showing, and explained to the audience as the movie began that usually you have a very young, cute girl do a pantomime before the show. I was that girl half a lifetime ago, and it's still etched in my brain, so now you get me. And then proceeded to do the Trixie pantomime during the opening song.

I also called out a few lines during the show, being the only one willing/able to do so, but getting egged on by everyone else. I was HEAVILY censoring myself because so many of the various lines are NOT work safe. But it was fun. And it was about as much RHPS as I need for a while.

Then I headed out towards Union City for Christmas caroling. Sadly, there was an accident on the Dumbarton. After sitting in traffic in Palo Alto for over a half hour, I gave up and decided to try the alternate route suggested by the traffic reporters. Everyone else was trying it too. Le sigh. It took two hours and fifteen minutes to get from Stanford to Union City. One of these years, I'm going to learn to stay home on Halloween. The traffic is always abominable.

Arriving at Fred's place, I made a beeline for the toilet and bonded with my little porcelain friend for a few minutes. Oh heck yah it felt good to pee. Several deep breaths later, I changed clothes and we headed out. We sang badly and handed out many candy canes. The tradition lives on.


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