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Monday, July 06, 2015

Fourth of July

Our biggest party of the year, the one where we invite everyone from coworkers to closest friends, is the Fourth of July party. I spent all day Friday making salads and pie and prepping meat and cleaning house and clearing up the yard. On Saturday morning, we did the unthinkable and ducked out of the house to go visit Cy and Sandra at their new place in Alameda, see the new house, see the parade, see friends who wouldn't be making the trip south, and then we raced back home. I told Athena that if she took a nap in the car, she wouldn't have to rest during the party. I've never seen her try so hard to go to sleep before, but she was motivated by the imminent arrival of all of her friends. 

We came home just in time to meet our first, prompt guests: Dave, Ellen, and Sarah. I handed Ellen the first cocktail, and Sarah volunteered to juice lemons for lemonade and away we went! I spent much of the next few hours orchestrating in the kitchen, pouring drinks, putting out food, and saying hi to folks as they arrived. Erik worked on arranging the furniture, getting the shade structures up, and firing up the grill. Meanwhile, the party got underway. Lots of folks took heed and really arrived early. There were nearly a dozen kids rampaging through the yard and many more adults to keep them safe.
Athena and Miriam share a box.

We enjoyed the unexpected pleasure of Kevin's birthday. He always spends it in Brown Island with his family, but couldn't this year since Rachel is injured. Instead, Athena made him a birthday cake. It was declared delicious by all.

Kev also brought a pinata and taught the kids how to do it.

Bob arrived late, so dancing was bound to break out finally. There was a little swing and such, and then Night Fever broke out. Athena joined right in. I love this kid!!! My little dancing buddy. Yay!

Around 9:15, I suddenly realized it was almost time for the big show. Our neighbors down the street said their place was as good as the park, so the party migrated there and we enjoyed the show.
At the neighbors where Toledo becomes Asbury.
Dave captured this from our place
As the evening wound to a close, and Athena was ready to fall asleep in my arms, we started turning out lights per our usual bedtime routine and found the pinata head tucked into bed, enjoying a well-deserved rest.
Athena knows nothing of The Godfather and thought the llama head was hilarious.
We'll be eating sausages and ribs and other leftovers for at least a week (and freezing other things). I had the foresight to schedule our house cleaners for Monday at 8 a.m. I should've left a big tip. The house was drenched in a layer of lemonade and splattered food and soggy footprints. It will be miraculously clean when I get home. 


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