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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Simple and Elegant

In an interesting twist on why same-sex couples need the legal rights afforded to hetero couples, a New Jersey birth certificate has just been issued with two moms listed. On the one hand, I immediately leapt to the genetic issue - what if the child has genetic issues that would need input from the bio-father? But the trick there is that there's nothing enforcing that hetero couples list the bio-father on the birth certificate. In point of fact, I suspect a great many babies are misattributed, and or have no father listed. Beyond that, the father is just as likely to be an unknown sperm donor from a sperm bank so that information may never be able to be known anyway, and certainly couldn't be attributed on the birth certificate. So outside of that, the remaining issues associated with a birth certificate are legal issues surrounding legal guardianship and inheritance. In that case, having both parents listed from birth makes all of those issues so much simpler and less expensive to handle.

New Jersey, butt of so many jokes. Who would've thunk they'd be the progressive state leading the way on this issue. Wacky.


  • We're also trailing behind Spain, one of the largest Catholic nations on the planet, and South Africa -- both of whom have legalized homosexual unions.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 3:25 PM  

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