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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

42 Months

Athena grew! She's super excited about this. After being stubbornly 38 inches for months, she put on an inch in a week. How do I know? Well, she asks us to measure her all the time because she wants to reach 40 inches so we can go back to Disneyland. At first I couldn't believe it. Then it was clear after the third measuring that yes, we'd reached 39 and there was one inch to go. What does that mean in real terms? It means that when we go back, she can ride:

  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Space Mountain
  • Star Tours
  • Radiator Springs Racers
among a few others I wouldn't invite her to try. (Seriously - 40 inches for Tower of Terror? Well that's a good way to traumatize a kid for life.) In very real terms, it means if she wants to go on the Lightning McQueen ride, she can. If she wants to go on the fast railroad, she can. She asked before and we told her she wasn't big enough. So, we'll see. In reality, she may be too afraid to try them, but she might love it. The story of my first trip on Space Mountain is legend in my family. I came out completely silent and wide eyed. My mom asked if I was okay. I nodded. She asked if it was scary. I nodded. She asked if I wanted to go again. I yelled, "YEAH!" To be fair, I was 6, not 3 1/2, so not sure if we're willing to try that experiment yet.

We had Clementine over for the weekend after 4th of July and proved once again that entertaining the two of them is easier than Athena alone. We'd be lost without Clementine in our lives. 

Bedtime stories

Letting Daddy sleep in
We went to McKenna's birthday tea party at Chris and Darne's house and it's still a subject of interest weeks later. This morning Athena and Clementine were discussing when they'd next get to have Clementine come over and how we'd have to set a place for Clementine. I was puzzled for a minute but realized she meant at the tea party table. 

Tea party treats
Athena picked up materials for the summer reading challenge. We decided that 30 books in three weeks was a good goal for her. (Well, there were 30 lines on the page, so...) She blew past that easily, and we only wrote down unique books not rereads. I'm feeling pretty good about how much time she spends being read to, and this didn't count circle time at school. One morning we sat on the sofa and she got through nine books and started to get restless on the tenth. When we read Dragons Love Tacos, she likes to eat the tacos off the fronticepieces. Daddy got a little silly and started dumping them from the page into her mouth.

As her reward for reaching her goal, she got to go pick out a book from the library. She got Not Your Typical Dragon
Plus there was a photo booth
This past Friday, I noticed some irregularities on my credit card statement. I called EBMUD, the utility district for Berkeley/Oakland and said, "Sorry, why are you charging me $150? I haven't lived there in 20 years." But as I looked down the statement, I realized there were also charges for PG&E and a whole bunch of Uber rides. So, I called Chase and said, "Yeah, this is a problem." And they took down the list of bad charges and said they'd send a new card in 3-5 business days. Now, this is the Amazon card, so before long I was thinking, "Seriously, you can get me thousands of things the same day, but it takes a week to get a new piece of embossed plastic?" Ugh. I also called Santa Clara to file a police report. Athena headed to the park with Daddy and I waited for the police officer to arrive. They almost didn't make it back in time because a little girl brought her Frozen Jeep to the park and shared it with the other kids. 

How to make kids insanely happy, pt. 1.
But I texted when the officer arrived and they made it back just in time to meet the police officer, and they went to go walk him out to his car and he offered to let her have a seat.

How to make kids insanely happy, pt. 2. 
We went to the Fezziwig's rehearsal on Saturday and Athena slept through the first half. Then she joined us for dancing the second half, with brave Mr. Holly taking a waltz with both of us and her joining me halfway through the Lancers. She's really good about offering her hand to dance partners, so that's nice. We headed to Nicole's birthday party to follow. Athena was a perfect angel, the only kid in a crowd of adults, and happy as can be to play with Robert, eat cake, and get flowers in her hair.


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