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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weekend Redux

It was a weekend of too many things to do, and having to make choices, but I think I chose wisely. We headed up to Sac on Friday night, including Pixel, and crashed at my mom's house. Her cat Charlie has lost about 3 pounds this year, which is a lot for a cat, and he looks so much better. He thought Pixel's toy was the best thing ever. Much play ensued, with Pixel complaining to us occassionaly about Charlie stealing his toy. Before long Pixel and Charlie were busy playing with each other.

The next morning, we headed to Folsom where I turned over my Prius and Rick went to visit his mom and I did three of the four dance shows for the day with Pryanksters. It was a nice way to close out the Ren Faire season. Then I changed in the pavillion and headed to Tate and Elisa's wedding. As predicted, Tate always throws the best parties. The first dance was announced and I knew Suzi had choreographed it. What I didn't know was that it was choreographed to "Disco Inferno". It totally rocked.

At the wedding, it kept coming up that Tate and Elisa aren't an obvious match, but that they're totally adorable together. People described him as fastidious and her as chaotic. It's an exageration, but it's true. They weren't an obvious match, but they're utterly inseparable and seem to be yin and yang.

So then after the first dance, they got the whole wedding party up for a dance. It too, was choreographed, this time to the Dick Dale surf tune from Pulp Fiction. Even the little bridesmaids were dancing along in formation. About half way through the song, they ran out and tried to grab everyone else to join and start dancing. A dancing frenzy ensued, with all of us gyrating and waving arms. I'm pretty sure this is exactly what Tate wanted. The party continued from there. I think the personal highlight for me was when Janelle convinced Frank and Rick that is was their turn to dance while we watched them instead. They blew it. Know we know they can dance all sexy and stuff. There were other really great parts like Mario trying to get past me in the very tight space, and dancing the Mamushka with Suzi, and the Wrenches in the Dark game, and the Suzi and Mario dance show and everybody dancing to Lady Marmalade and Man of Constant Sorrow. But a little before 11 we had to pack it up and head home. We followed Nicole to her car so she could try my new corset on me. Unfortunately, a little more tinkering must be done. I got smaller again, dangit. But it's so pretty, and man do it give me a hell of a silhouette!

Meanwhile, back at mom's place, Charlie and Pixel have been at it all day. Pixel has decided he prefers Charlie's toy and Charlie still likes Pixel's toy. We got big snuggles once we were in bed. I think Pixel definitely enjoyed his little road trip (except for the gas stop and car wash on the way up. Car washes are way too scary for him.).

The next morning is brunch at Suzi & Sandy's house. I love my friends, and no one makes me feel more loved, safe, and at home than Frank and Janelle. Janelle just exudes Hestian qualities. Having them back home even for the weekend made everything feel just right. So while Steve roasted coffee in the oven, and we feasted on the fritatas that Jeff made and the bagels and scones and other treats, I sat with my head on Frank's shoulder, just wishing we could keep them forever. But they're coming back soon, for keeps. People move away, but it only takes a little while to realize that home is where your family is, be that bio or chosen. They're working on coming back, with the major contingency right now being that Frank has to find a job with medical benefits because his pancreas is just to cranky to go without ever again. So if anyone needs a truly kick-ass network security engineer, just say the word and we'll send you a resume.

We finished up the trip with a quick foray into Evangeline's. Broke or not, I just had to see if there was anything I absolutely couldn't live without. The costume mansion is only open for September and October, and I usually find my most useful accessories there. We made it out having spent very little, and having satisfied the itch to go look. After that, we packed up the car and the cat and headed home. Pixel is passed out on the bed, having clearly played a lot in the last 48 hours. I expect an early morning kitten snuggle attack. I'm off to bed to get ready for that.


  • I'll never dance again, that was all you get. I think I sprained something. ;)

    And I MUST get a loveseat like the one at the Shermali's! I never knew about the magic loveseat before, but it rocks!

    By Blogger Flonkbob, at 7:38 AM  

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