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Monday, November 27, 2006

Sleep, oh how I've missed thee!

Okay, so I know a lot of loved ones are going to be violently jealous of me for this, but I slept almost thirteen hours last night, waking a bit before noon, rolling out of bed around one after finishing my book and getting snuggled within an inch of life by the cat.

I feel SO much better.

My feet still hurt.

Sunday I'd gone well beyond sanity. I was struck by a major case of the giggles during Scrooge's values speech at the end of the day after the Hallelujah chorus. Elizabeth was just turning to me to say, "I'm not going to break this time" as I was melting into a fit of giggles. Martin was going on in his way, not quite getting to the point, when Erik says, "What are you trying to say Mr. Scrooge?" It struck me as the funniest thing I'd ever seen. It was well into Shamu hour clearly. This was proven once again when we're singing Christmas carols, all well slap-happy by now, and Mr. F pushes the Exit sign with his cane so that now it's a swinging hand with pointing finger saying Exit. I lost it again. This time Elizabeth went with me. I laughed so hard my stomach muscles started hurting. She melted into tears. Everyone gaped at us like we'd lost our minds. We had. We finally made it inside the warehouse after The Twelve Days of Christmas (which really sobered me up when it was announced that that's what we were going to sing next) and then Elizabeth brought up the "Foom Foom Foom!" carol again and visions of baby Jesus in the catcher's mit had me in stitches one more time. I should've realized how tired I was then, but I was too tired.

So yah, 13 hours of sleep later, I feel great. I was planning to go to Plough tonight, but got a call from Ray on my way out the door and he had a present to drop off. The Chicago Browncoats had gotten a copy of Adam's poster for the ball, and secretly gotten it signed by all of our guests. It's going to be a very dear remembrance.

So other highlights...
- Waking up in Quintette on Thursday morning to the smell of pine trees and wood smoke.
- Frog-leg jambalaya, red snapper in tamarind ginger sauce, black bass, and shark from Edward's Thanksgiving feast.
- Dancing with a little red-haired boy twice who was keeping count of every dance. Last time I danced with him it was his fifteenth dance that afternoon. His sister had taught him to waltz before they came. Too bad he lives in Needles, because otherwise he'd be an clear choice for Fezziwigger in training.
- having Frank and Janelle over Saturday night. I dozed off in the middle of showing them their first Iron Chef - Battle Carrot. (BTW - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANELLE!)
- having a ghost of Christmas past that I can hear clearly, inspiring confidence just before our scene rather than "Wait, was that our cue?"
- having an extremely silly rendition of Stagecoach on Saturday and utterly forgetting my lines. Mr. Quarrl's addition of a sock puppet for the goose is priceless. Being back from the ladies room just in time to be Aunt Matilda on Sunday was also a hoot.

So back to work tomorrow. Again, I love my new job, that has all the fabulousness of being a totally new job without the downside of losing my 260 hours of accrued vacation time. I'm most happily less 8 hours today. So very happy to have had the chance to do so. I'll actually be a functional employee tomorrow.


  • It's a sticky image, isn't it? Man, I must've infected half the cast with that.

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