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Monday, November 20, 2006

Busy Weekend.

So very tired today. Luckily, it's a short week follow by a crazy weekend.

But this weekend went well. I went to Friday Night Waltz for one last chance to dance with friends in whatever style I chose before the Dickens season begins. After getting home, I stayed up to dye my hair so that my Sunday hairstyle wouldn't include a skunk stripe down the middle. Finally to bed around 2:30.

I didn't make it to rehearsal Saturday against my better judgment, but I think I made the right call. I instead had breakfast and Battlestar followed by insane housekeeping. Slapped a third coat of paint on the wall patches, cleaned out my office from the Browncoat Ball explosion, pulled out my full Dickens costume, hung laundry, cleaned up the guest bedroom, stored stuff in the attic, and made the living room more toddler friendly. I then headed on to Richard and Tracey's Anniversary Ball while Rick stayed home and finished up the vacuuming and the bathroom. I got home after the ball and the house looked really great. It was tidy and clean. This is the perfect way to have it just before Dickens, because it won't happen again anytime in the next month. Dirk and Tracey and Camryn and Ella arrived a few minutes after midnight, with Ella fast asleep, and Camryn mostly asleep, but she still had to tell me about her Nutcracker performance. She got to be the littlest Gingertte under Mother Ginger's skirt. We fell to bed a little before two.

Sunday I headed up to dress rehearsal, noticing all the little flaws and fix-its I need to do on Wednesday night to get it ready for Friday - tack down this bit of trim, fix this seam, don't forget the underskirt, fix this loose button, and so on. I also have to figure out what to do with my bangs. Hair spray was insufficient to the task. Dress rehearsal was busy. We got through the character round-robin successfully as most everyone took the "Just your name and book" cue well. Martin is here so I ran up and gave him a kiss on the cheek. We rehearsed the morning tableau, ducking out while Mr. Dickens set and coached all the major books to grab the Things container and stow it backstage. Then all the Fezzis marched over to the KFC/Taco Bell to grab lunch. The line of characters stretched out the door, hoopskirts and top hats and cravats and corsets - oh my! The clerk at the counter looked up and said, "Wow, it just got really weird in here." After lunch we headed across to the Savers where I found a copy of a favorite shirt, one size smaller. Major score. Finally, back to be Fezziwiggers for a few hours. We did warm-ups. We ran the Scrooge scene (which needed some work on blocking. Amazing what not doing something for eleven months will do to it.). We danced. We played games. We got our bleacher lecture to mimic notes at the end of the night. We sang Hallelujah. At some point, a random fellow came by handing out Italian ices. This was a welcome treat.

At the end of the night I ran Sarah home. She's the daughter of two of the musicians in Bangers and Mash, and they had to leave earlier so I shuttled her back to Sunnyvale. Finally, home again home again to head to dinner with everyone. I rattled off several suggestions and Tracey picked Chevy's. We popped into Target to get Camryn a new sleeping bag/air mattress combo since hers seemed to have sprung a leak which led to a minor morning tantrum when mom and dad wouldn't reinflate it at 7am. She didn't want to just crawl in with them. Her new one has ballerina's on it so it's even better. Finally to bed again around 11:30.

So, I'm tired today, but still definitely heading to the Plough. Dirk's meeting me here and we're off to Berkeley early. See you all there!

Oh, and it's okay that I'm tired right now. I know exactly when I get to sleep in: Thursday morning. I'll be in the mountains with my family. When I do wake up, there will be the smell of wood smoke and pine trees in the air. I can't wait!


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