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Friday, November 17, 2006

WWJD? (What would JANELLE do?)

So last night, I'm in Target, chatting with a staff person about a discrepancy between the shelf price and the scanner price of an item for Fezziwigs when I get a call from Suzi. In an attempt to sound innocent, she says, "Whatcha doing?" I reply, "Shopping at Target." Turns out, Tom and Sandy are stranded in Santa Clara. Any chance I could rescue them? Well, yes, of course!

So I try to quickly wrap things up at Target, but the lady who was helping me has run off to the stock room. I wait for her to return and find that yes, really, the shelf price is right, the scanner price is wrong, and she'll meet me at the register. Alrighty then. I jump in the car and head to Santa Clara.

Talking to Suzi en route, we try to figure out some alternatives - Greyhound, rent a car, fly Southwest, and so on. Meanwhile, Tom & Sandy hop the southbound Starlight to get to the San Jose station to try to catch the tardy northbound Starlight there. I change course to meet them there. As I walk in the station, the northbound Starlight is there, and they're closing the doors. I don't know if the southbound has made it yet, so I ask the conductor. He says he thinks so. I ask if they could wait a second while I check and he says no, they're late already. Still, I run around to the other track and see it pulling in. Crap! I see Tom coming down the ramp and figure maybe the other one hasn't pulled out yet. We make it up the next ramp in time to see it chugging away. Drat.

So, I provide options - Greyhound, rent a car, or go back to my place for food and drinks and catch the 6:40 train tomorrow. Tom says he's tired of running. So we head home. I try to ply them with brownies and food and milk and rum. Turns out what they really wanted was access to a computer to play A Tale in the Desert. So, got them rolling on one system, with a rum and Coke in Tom's hand, and all was well.

In the morning, we shuffled out of bed, me tossing on a bathrobe and slippers to take them to catch the 6:40 train. I came home and bedded down for a forty minute nap and still made it to my 9am meeting.

So I'm chatting with Suzi last night while I'm running around the train station, and she's talking about hating to impose, and I'm saying, "Dude, this is why we live here. And plus, it's all part of the WWJD thing." and she replies, "Yeah, 'cause if it was Janelle, she'd rescue them, and somehow magically produce cookies out of nowhere." And I said, "Exactly!"


  • Dude. I was so sitting at home doing nothing. Cookies could have happened like *that*! *fingersnap*

    Janelle is way better than Brian Boitano. I mean, heck, Tox calls her from 20 minutes away and she produces a full roast turkey dinner!

    By Blogger tshuma, at 2:58 PM  

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