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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Still Love My Job

And I'm still good at it too. Over the last couple of work days, I focused in and wrote a training guide for the OrderIT website (a Pinnacle portal). It's still rough, but it's a wild improvement over the prior documentation. It no longer has instructions that for adding an account that conclude with "If the account is not there, add it!" or information on placing an order that conclude the moment you get to the order screen with the instruction to "Follow the instructions provided on the form." I note here that the exclamation point is actually in the original documentation and that the form does not have instructions on it. So, I wrote a shiny new training guide that's fifty pages long so far, and has some more to go, and sent it off to the expert to review. She was so thrilled. I showed it to my boss and he said, "You did this in 2 days?" I said yes. He said "Wow. You're really good." I like it here. I get appreciated.

Also, I got my new desk chair today. It's comfy and squishy and feels soft. Yay!


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